Learn How To Relax and Switch Off with HypnoRelax

Do you find it difficult to RELAX?
Are you feeling STRESSED and in need of some ME TIME?
You probably don’t need me to tell you that REST and RELAXATION are important, but have you ever put thought into how to relax? It might seem like a strange question, given that resting seems like an easy thing to do but in a time where we are surrounded by distractions, such as phones, iPads and TVs, etc, many people don’t take time to switch off and unwind. Plenty of things can get in the way of restful, restorative downtime, and the truth is, a lot of us aren’t great at relaxing in practice. It’s a skill worth refining, we all need ways to recuperate from the many stressors of the world for the sake of our mental health.

Group Relaxation Session

On the 3rd of July 2021 at 1.00 pm I will be hosting my next HypnoRelax group deep relaxation session where you will learn:

  • A technique to help you RELAX and UNWIND
  • How to feel CALMER and more RELAXED
The session takes 1 hour, the first 10 to 15 minutes I will be teaching you a technique to help you relax and unwind at home followed by the deepest, relaxing hypnosis session that will include suggestions that will help you sleep well, release stress and help you to feel good about yourself.
At the end of the session, you will be feeling DEEPLY RELAXED as well as LIGHTER AND BRIGHTER, your MIND CLEARER and you will feel as though you have had the BEST NIGHTS SLEEP.

Benefits of Relaxation

There are many benefits to regular relaxation including:
  • Slowing heart rate
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Slowing your breathing rate
  • Improving digestion
  • Maintaining normal blood sugar levels
  • Reducing the activity of stress hormones
  • Increasing blood flow to major muscles
  • Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain
  • Improving concentration and mood
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Lowering fatigue
  • Reducing anger and frustration
  • Boosting confidence to handle problems

Book your place and start learning how to relax

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